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Session 82 - Relationship Parameters

MILF$ LAUNCHES: Robart X - A Rebranding Move

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AKAMILF$ LAUNCHES: Robart X – A Rebranding Move

The Fern Dynasty

The group left the council building with 12 hours remaining until dictator powers transfer to Aristern Fern due to Justinian’s coma (from “Drukkor’s” attempted assignation). The group discussed the many strategies to depose him and consequences of his actions.

The group reflected on some of the following:

  • No clear intention of why Aristern Fern wants to be dictator,.
  • No indication of if he wants to continue war with Archul.
  • Discussion on if the city knew he was a werewolf, but it was reflected that it was known amongst noble circles, a rumour to commoners, but would have little social bearing as in the last few years there has been much movement of magical beings (such as Tulamire’s revelation)
  • Aristern Fern was still supported by his mother Gouregious Fern in the human Kingdom of Ericsa, and a danger still laid with this powerful family.
  • Some of Kapri’s personnel were found near the 5th quadrant where the attack took place.

They had 11 hours left.

The group asked Robart Frostfang via sending where Justinian Fare would be residing, to which he responded that there was a separate facility for important figures in the Medical District, but it seems to be currently under quarantine. He confirmed Artistern had called for a quarantine on the district, which is typical but highly suspicious and seemingly calculated with recent events.

The group tried to go back to confront Aristern but the guards were adamant it was late (past midnight) and he had since left. The group also feels an intense coldspot move over the group, a similar feeling when they were investigating quadrant 5 in the southern docks. Robart also is asked if they know where Kapri is, to which he responds usually the council members are helxd for questioning near the judicial district. The group head to Kapri’s office there but they are barred from entering by guards on orders of Lt. Everran (High-Elf High Authority, used to be leader of there eastern military akin to Lt. Jenni’s role of the West). He reported that since Drukkor was sighted, they would be disallowed from continuing with investigating.

After this, the group had 9 hours left. Breadgar teleports them southward to investigate the 5th quadrant. Breadgar couldn’t stay up longer as he was running out of spell slots. Bruce does a handstand performance for the one shmuck/goku guard on watch there and then his memory is modified by Avon. The group do some solid investigation of the destroyed hsip and equipment:

  • Avon finds spam and military rations in the water (confirmed by Carl later to military of Boullini rations)
  • Tix finds a hole on a ship that sticks out of the water still which doesn;’t look like it was created by fire but was very damp despite not being submerged in water
  • Bruce walks towards where Justinian was stabbed and finds an intense cold spot.
  • Breadgar is able to go into one captains quarter and finds coded documents.

They arrive back at Milf Money mansion, 8 hours left and Avon rushes into Artemis asking about the rations. Carl gives an explanation to Breadgar about the military documents saying it is written in some sort of military code, as he used to be in his own military before his injuries.

Equipped with knowledge but without time, the group sleep. In the morning, 8 hours pass and Aristrern Fern is named dictator of Boullini. The group was invited the night before to come and meet with Aristern Fern. There in the council chambers, Aristern explained to the group that he believed the city needed consolidation and stability, and with multiple crisises happening, that he thought it best to remain in charge. He said his first actions were to devote resources to the Eldrazi crisis and definitively pull out of the Archul-Boullini war. He explained that he knew the inquisition would find Kapri innocent as there was no substantial evidence and that Kapri is still welcome to her council seat, and he would seek the council’s advice.

Kapri, in an act of defiance, slams her hammer down on Aristern’s knee, exposing the bone. She, in a deadpan voice, called for clerics saying that their “new dictator has clumsily fallen upon her Warhammer”. The guards, on both sides, did not respond and instead looked dimly onto Aristern Fern, in solidarity with Kapri Fillhorn.

The group then meet with Kapri privately, providing her the evidence they found at the ships which she understood the codes and what it was relating to, naming certain ports of Archul. Kapri mentions that ice was seen at the scene as alleged by one of her men but that this evidence was enough for her and Aristern to at least put an end to Justinian’s war on Archul.

The group leave and reflect on the 3 existential crisis they face:

  • The reemergence of the shadow dragon, Erinyade Moras.
  • The exhumation of the blood queen, Obara Imbra
  • And the eldrazi promised end of Zeglitine.

As the group recuperate at home, Breadgar receives a message from Kapri that their assistance is needed in Dolan in evacuating the city. Before they leave:

  • Breadgar checks on Bluey (alt breadgar), Blue confirms he was helping Terri at the workshop.
  • August came and asked to stay, since their family home was destroyed.
  • Terri told Tix that he was 1 month away from fully understanding how the small Hedrons work.

Evacuation Order:

The group then teleport to the crossroads of Dolan, one which lead towards the town and one which lead to Gigane’s Loft, where Ko’viel had teleported them some five years ago. The group saw a military encampment in the distance with multiple smokes and tents running. The group approached, going for the main tent and found Kiana Kalesbane and Ariel Hardy (leader of entertainment and secret leader of guilds, who was here mobilising the guilds of Boullini’s south to support the towns here.)  The township had a good relationship with Boullini so they listened to the evacuation pleas initially, but it is still a slow moving process.

Dolan was being evacuated slowly, but Kiana expressed nervousness of the Eldrazi’s approach, and the inconsistent pace Zeglitine marched through the desert, and now in the mountain range, and the pseudo-mini cloud systems she created around her. Kiana also shows the group to O’Carrick (former MILF money adjacent who is now helping Phenrir in Gigane’s Loft). O’carrick was pimped in a wolf-mec-suit, with behind him being his original wolf mechanical companion from the Wolves of Maccarage.  He explained the Wolf of the Loft (Phenrir) would help the citizens of Dolan, on the arrangement that Boullini helps the refugees of the new frontier crisis, which has not happened and though nearing 6 years have passed since a new frontier attack, people are still being held in detention and processing in major cities. The group agreed to do all they can do in their power. As the group discussed, trampling over a hill, eldrazi spawn came and killed his guards.

An attack occurred by over 15 eldrazi creatures, 3 of which seemed to be spawning more and the group was able to beat them down, as it seemed O’carrick fled (calling for help he alleged) and Kiana supported. They seemed to be an amalgamation of many creatures, with the body size of hill giants, the legs of thri-kreen, the appendages of gnolls and flesh blobs of Mechanus creature poking from them. They all adorned a floating crown which sat a fixed distance from their heads.

After the attack, with one Eldrazi being permanently banished to another world via Avon, Kiana casts a scrying spell to visualise what is encroaching. Through her magic, she is able to see scattered hordes of edlrtich amalgbations and abominations fester through the forest, from eldritch spawn, to those that brood spawn and to other hulking giants that tear through the landscape ahead. She asks the group to help expedite the evacuation of the township.

During the streets of Dolan:

  • Bruce helps an orc man with a carriage that is stuck in a pot-hole continue onwards on their journey.
  • Breadgar helps a sickly tabaxi grandmother on the request of their child.
  • The group is accosted by an elder elven couple who claim the Eldrazi are “fake news” and there is no reason to leave, to which Tix opens their hole and shows the head of the Eldrazi.
  • A Snow Elf is robbed by a group of Tabaxi that Avon freezes in place, to which Bruce comes and ties them up.

The group rush towards the town square, where a line of people are trying to pull out their money from the town centre before leaving. Avon compels most of the population through magic to leave, the few who aren’t joined the crowd out of herding.

Suddenly a voice is heard coming from Dale who announces that a giant dragon was coming their way. In the sky, they see a gargantuan green dragon bringing with it a smog cloud and drops of acid. AS it approaches, it inhales its acid far away and starts to shoot down onto the streets of Dolan, after saying “I Am Sorry.” The group believe this is related to the chromatic council of dragons.


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