Breadgar of House Illegal

M.I.L.F.$ Dragonborn Bard


Player name: Edgar

Breadgar hails from the noble house of Boullini known as House Illegal. His lineage is rather renowned for Breadgar’s Bakery Company which has started to expand across Boullini and across Illiam. Breadgar is always full of heart and full of questions in approaching the world, unless someone tries to steal his coinage. Then the answer is a knife to the back.

Breadgar the 5th was born to Priscilla and Augustus. To the shock of all in Boulini, Breadgar had inherited the famed shape shifting ability of his forebear, Breadgar the First. Like his predecessors before him, he was educated by personal tutors and trained in swordsmanship (a skill rarely used). He was raised as a privileged nobleman and thus grew to have a sense of superiority and pride in his name (something that would be forcibly ripped from him in the times to come). Unlike the other Breadgars before him, Breadgar had a talent unique to him. This talent was the musical arts. Breadgar pursued this skill by learning how to sing, and play the lute, flute and bagpipes. He learned the Bardic arts and trained in the College of Lore. In many ways he was unlike his Grandfather. Unlike his grandfather, Breadgar had been born into a time of decline. His family chain was failing, giving way to families such as the Ruf clan. He grew hearing stories of his great ancestor, the first Breadgar, with whom he shared the rare skin changing ability. He sought to achieve greatness like he did. His mother saw the world in Breadgar’s Bakery. Breadgar however saw more than just his failing bakery. He saw money, fame and everlasting glory in the world. He set out, leaving his cushy and privileged home to travel the world. He moved from bar to bar, singing and entertaining the proles he found there. One day, he heard that the Spirituality Officer, Ruman Talhini, was in need of skilled people for a mission. Sensing that this was the first step to glory, he decided to meet Talhini and inquire on Talhini’s quest. He was late and instead was sent to meet up with a group of people who answered Talhini’s call. He travelled to Robart Frostfang’s home. It was there he met his future closest and dearest friends. These people were Ko’viel Vandiir, a half elf, Avon a half elf, Speech Bubble, a Goliath and Gar, a half Orc. He would later meet a late member of the group, Drukkor, a fellow Dragonborn. It was here that the tale of the group that would save Boullini started. It was here, that the Tale of M.I.L.F.$ was born.

Breadgar of House Illegal

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