Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 18 - The Ultimatum

The Gang gets Tunnel Vision

Previously on Milf$:

After a tiresome back and forth to the boat escaping Kiana who had been possessed, milf enetered the material plane from mount celestia and heard the mouth of serin rae say that the ritual may commence. Prospera led them to a secret location within the university where they met Brandle, a head librarian from The Great Vellin Library who found a devil in the restricted part of the Amerea library. Milf questioned him with first Breadgar and Drukkor questioning, with Avon taking over and finding out the information needed about the invasion of Baalore, that it was about the merging of the material and the lower planes.

That night on a walk, Avon was talked to by Brandle about the fey wild. In the morning after Speech Bubble went on a walk to clear his head, Juniper arrived to tell some news about the appearance of a nightmare. A dwarf with the beholder necklace said Tulmaire welcomes Phenrir to the city.

They went into an underground mine called the Lapis mine as a portal was rumoured to be emerging a portal. As they went through the mines, they found an imp, a man impaled by a lapis stone, a man who had slept and gone crazy and an empty illusionary room and the mines starting to collapse as communicated by Prospera. Hilarities ensued as they crawled to safety through mine shafts and fending of the engaging Eriynes. Am’Rafukula also taunted them before Jessebelle used a portal to retrieve them. When they arrived back at the platform, overseeing the mine, it is revealed that the elf who brought them there was a disguised Am’rafukula. Prospera sent a meteor swarm that revealed the growing in the mines was a giant af portal to the lower planes.

They were teleported to the spirituality council chamber room where they first initially met. Here they were given a decision to complete the ritual as it needs a sanctioned liuetentant of Baalore. To either go with Kapri Fillhorn into the front lines and capture Isiant, to go with Brandle to destroy their library and capture zartare, to go with Jessebelle and weaken the portals and capture Misdreekus, or stay behind with Prospera and locate Am’rafukula. They choose to go with Kapri learning about the 3rd portal that opened in the colonnade district, the same which the precession of Sevran Ironfang occurred.  They then used the rest of the day to prepare for the assault, where Kapri plans on killing as many devils as possible and capturing Isiant.

Breadgar said some just-in-case farewells to his mother and father. He also besseched them for help which they have said will come in the form of guild support. He also sought help from Rabernica summoning Natalthia, and 3 Faith Enforces. Ko’viel had a solemn talk with residence of Milf Money Mansion, barring juniper or sparky from helping. However Carl has offered his services still, revealing he came from Sykmov as a trained guard. Jeremy also bought an ex-machina from the same crazed woman. Bruce introduced Hendrick to the group and Hendrick was asked tohelp in the ensuing attack. Avon also brought home a feywild Dryad as he continues his bathhouse search.  Currently, you are all at the milf money mansion awaiting the day after tomorrow, where you will all enter hell.




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