Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 30 - Besides the Rising Flames
Tell us your Backstory

Previously on Milf$:

The group, after recently defeating Raberenica and the radicalised faith of illiam, successfully have a crying Breadgar within Drukkor’s arm. Drukkor comforts him as he became stunned and speechless at the showing of Pyre, a old friend of his who spoke to him in a casual tone. The group trusted him and snuck out of the compound, going their separate ways but telling the of a meeting between him and the Cimbrics going to take place soon. Drukkor became anxious.

The group came to the Bee Keeper Inn, the front for the council of leaders to meet. Arthur Edridge bid milf money farewell continuing his ongoing military duties. After learning of Nibbles still being alive, Kapri was eager to go back to help. However, the group was given various rewards for the services by the other Council leaders like Ariel Hardy and Alonso Harehart. Sevran offered Breadgar a trip to Vintrultri Septim, the head place of the faith of Illiam to reconcile for his sins. As he went to catch the boat saying goodbye to friends and family, as the boat left dock, a group from the Smith’s Rest of the Sleepless jungle, a village apart of a group of xenophobic tribes, attacked. As the group killed them with Bruce jumping on a cow to trample some of them, and Avon controlling an archer for the whole fight, the boat sailed away as Breadgar gave a final wave. After the battle finished, even though it was a long day, Bruce and Gar went fishing and almost got fined.

A bird bath was finished while the group spent three weeks waiting for a dinner invitation to the Fern estate. The group practice some tactics in the training room. During this time:

 Bruce checked up on Hala in the medical facility, found a symbol of the simic guild in Nobglins possession. He was also approached by a certain Brustan Tran from the Hellenic guild, who wanted to speak to him and Hendrick about renegotiation back into the monkish order.

Drukkor went with milf money to the previous guild hall of the cult of Rakdorn, which is now abandoned occupied by the Cimbrics. The head leader denounced Drukkor, but through negotiation and peaceful resolve, Drukkor was able to hush is fiery temperament and helped start the cimbirc cult in a new direction.

Avon went to Brandle who was working in conjunction with Kel, a mage who the group met once prior when trying to find sparky a home who wants to cut off ties between this material realm and the fey wild. He went into a bush with Bruce and Gar, and there sat a lady titania who was shrouded in vines and a dress made of branches. In Sylvan, she told him to disturb Kel’s life.

Gar met with Delilah who discussed the attack on at the southern docks. She told them that the plan to go to the rests in a expedition was pushed earlier due to the recent attack, from 2 months to a months time. There was a suspected attack happened which Gar perceived, as guards started to patrol and information was debriefed in a room underground. Phenrir was approached by the tiefling alliance, but she did not follow up on their offer to open a line of dialogue between milf money and themselves.

Ko’viel and Kiana conducted an interrogation of Thormar, Ko’viel’s former friend who had turned into an high ranking agent for the new frontier. However, Thormar revealed that the new frontier wasn’t a group, that it was a new ideology of sorts, and that some of Ko’viels friends could still be alive somewhere in Canala. He was then approached by a mind controlled dragonborn after the interrogation, who told him to free Thormar, announcing that this was Jaunt the Havoc sending the message, the person who led the attack at Skimberi and who Ko’viel vaguely remembers from Deikoura.

One night, after all this backstory stuffed creeped in, the group started a campfire sharing more and more information about themselves. Carl started, reminiscing about his time in the Sykmov military and his wound, which led him to adventuring. Drukkor talked about his need for repentance from the Cimbrics. Bruce talked about his life with Hendrick. Avon mentioned how he woke up one day in a forest and he was older. Gar talked more detail about his upbringing in the sleepless jungle. Ko’viel wouldn’t come down and Phenrir dosed off. As a night came to the end, the group learning a little bit about each other, they departed and slept.

They then met Gouregious Fern, who was introduced by Litean Fern. She reqused weapons and a magically binding contract to not use spells, but this was voluntary. Gouregious Fern treated milf money to a three course dinner, talking about general things, until she became specific about each of their pasts. To demonstrate her influence, she showed them a vision of a guard who worked for Ariel Hardy, the leisure officer of Boullini, who on Gouregious Fern stepped forward to kill Cicero (the leader of the imbris yumen cult, which Gouregious Fern’s son was once the leader of before he went M.I.A). She then told the group, that if they did not assist with her request or if they betrayed her, that she would destroy everything they loved, including all the residents at Milf Money Mansion. She then regained her temperament and her brief anger subsided, as she explained she wanted to find out what happened to Aristarn as he had not been seen since the deal with the mafia. Next to Gouregious through all of this was an elf man named O’Carrick. He sat with a large mechanical wolf behind him, who was going to work with Milf money in conjunction with the group.

It has been three weeks since Breadgar left and you are currently finished with your dinner with Gouregious Fern, as you all, except Bruce, did not feel like desert.

Session 29 - To what End for Illiam?
Drukkor's Bonkers

Previously on Milf$:

The gang preformed the skydrop with Kiana’s altered spell and were confronted by the Angel Natalthia as they started to go to the bottom. After a series of back and forth, the weakened angel due to her healing of Rabernica was defeated and her body fell into the Eastern District.

They all did their respective superhero landing and started to explore the turmoil of Boullini’s main temple of illiam. Drukkor was used as to bonk guards on the head when guards showed themselves. Arthur distributed information he knew about the place. They first witnessed a man placed onto a wall, bleeding and apparently a heretic and a sinner. The man died by the time they came back.

They began to carry out the tasks, passing by the Hall of Marble where stone configurations of Gar and Bruce appeared, with Avon narrowly missing a clone of himself. After that, they went to the Illiam archives where Drukkor knocked out a man and found documents that Braldian Ovverrin requested which had a list of the Faith of Illiams expenses.

At the underground part they freed Kapri from her cell and where met by a Sister attempting to flee. This drew Gar and Bruce to the nunnery and orphanage where the girl missed her teddy bear. After retrieving it and hearing the dissonance from the other nuns, Sister Sophia says Illiam will reward them for this.

In the guest’s quarters, they found Sevran Ironfang under zealotry and once they removed him from the trance. They facilitated their escape and alerted milf money that Breadgar broke from his trance on occasion.

At the Grand scholars study, Bruce was locked in an almost infinite hallway before destroying the painting as requested by Ariel Hardy. At the Insights room, they collected letters to the other city states and the head church as requested by Alonso Harehart that the insight Michael kept at bay.

In the main church where a source of angelic power was being shared, Sister Sera was empowering the barricade. Led by Drukkor, and reinforced by Gar and Bruce, the gang brought down Sister Serra who revealed she was only helping Rabernica because she thought it was under the instructions of Illiam but later understood it to be ill intent. She offered to take Breadgar to the Vintrulitri Septim where he will seek guidance from the head of the faith.

At the library, Drukkor went invisible as helped by Ko’viel  and whispered the phrase ‘Tulathee Sinompa’ to nobility agents meeting with priests. At that moment, they took out their guns and shot the priests without warning and started to run in the direction of the general living quarters.

When they arrived at the Giladeen temple, the group came from the roof where Rabernica, in a revivified state was ready to face them. The party initially were faced with inability to act or move, but as the fight progressed they managed to overthrow domination and killed The Insight Michael and Rabernica.

At the end of the session, Breadgar bursted into tears for the atrocities he has done under Illiam as Drukkor embraced him and in the scaffolding above from the other side, a member of the Cimbriosa clan revealed themselves and stated they had found the Cimbric.

Session 28 - Restoration
Gang's got Back

Previously on Milf$:

After moving through the Scatter Heights district to extract a leader of the cult of the Hydra, the gang witnessed the Siamese twin women named Illyia and Sheryilia call upon the Hydra God to use to attack Raberncia. After sending out streaks of radiant energy, Rabernica was faced with an retaliation as the hydra god toppled down onto of Rabernica, doing some long lasting damage. Milf Money swooped in and tried to do as much as they could to Michael, faith enforcers and Bruce tried to get Breadgar. Natalthia kept cutting the heads of the hydra but seeing Breadgars position attempted to save him but was  met with Bruce jumping up high through Gars support  which almost saved Breadgar.

 The Siamese twins deactivated the portal and Arthur told the group of the rondevu point that they trekked too. Along the way, the group came across a fearsome howl throughout the Scatter Heights district, confronted by a augmented and weaponised Werewolf they deduced to be Aristan Fern. Bruce took the Siamese woman with her, Gar and Arthur took a child and mother they found after their father/husband was killed, Ko’viel secured a path ahead and Avon tree strode ahead to a barracks with a ballista. With the guidance of the two headed woman and Bruce distracting the weaponised werewolf,  the second bolt fired from Avon sent the creature way back into the Scatter Heights. The night went on, and it did not come back.

After securing the Hydra Cult leader, the group as apart of their designated places to go decided to go to the Orzhov Bank district. There they went into a spooky sandstone mansion type house where they waited an hour and twenty minutes to meet Teysa. She asked them what they could do for her and struck a deal that Gar would wear the Orzhov symbol on his back. The priest they were meant to intercept stunned at this exchanged, stabbed Gar. As a reaction to this, Teysa Karlov told them the story of the mansion, and the Orzhov family and why they dislike violence, as the Priest was dragged through the floor by a series of incopereal phantoms, who were presumably the ghosts of the orzhov family who got murdered.

They also helped a stalemate at The Strip district where they entered a seedy brothel that was under faith enforcer lock down. They only wished to speak to milf money and questioned their concept of Sin by presenting to them two varying sinners, and was engrossed by Ko’viels speech. They organised through the Guards and Arthur, to take them down by guiding them outside together, as to not incite direct hostility.

They were told by Lt Silverscape of 3 districts that needed support. The first one they choose to go to was the giaza district to inspire courage and generally talk, where they chatted to the locals who they had saved, heard the cries of the native tieflings there, stopped a drunk man and stopped a tent fire. They went to visit Defina De’von as the 2nd thing to convince her not to complete her poster, Avon managed to convince without enchantment magic that Illiam faith propaganda was not a true or just thing for her to be writing about, and she instead was interested in their tales. Lastly, they had to suss out in the Grand Chateu district who was acting as a spy. They found it to be the head tamer named Siril of Eno creatures, who supposedly let Nibbles die and disappeared when the military and religious coops were staged instead of extracting the animals.
They were notified by robart frostfang of  a plan happening in the bee keeper inn, where all the Boullini council was, where they sussed out a plan to skydrop from a thopter with the guidance of Kiana and the mission to end this brief civil war at Rabernica’s weakest point.

Session 27 - Boullini For All, Forever
Gar and Bruce: Bad Grandpa

Previously on Milf$:

After Rabernica stages a religious coup, Kapri staged a military coup in response. This resulted in Breadgar being turned to the side of Rabernica forcefully where he sacrificed his own control so members of Milf money would be spared. During this battle which saw the escape of the nobles and military men, Arthur Edridge, joined the fray charging in on his horse and assisting Kapri. After Milf Money left, trying to save Nibbles they realised their efforts would be futile.

They watched as Nibbles and Kapri shared a tender moment cut short by Natalthia sweeping down and cutting throat of the dinosaur, falling and blocking view as the faith enforcers surrounded the corpse. The angel put her hand on nibbles afterwards flying down, the same way she revived an archer she had killed.

Justinian Fare protected the group from a series of radiant blasts and took the group with Galimuses to an emergency meet up point for the control district which was Kiana Kalesbanes office of work. There they met Ariel Hardy officially and were asked about where they would like to help, learning of the control Rabernica had over the city. The group decided on helping the foreign embassy district, the Orzhov bank and Arthur sent a group of elite men to seize The Strip. For this emergency mission, Arthur was assigned to help milf money. Phenrir and Drukkor agreed to help with the foreign embassy first from Lt Alexander.  They had to hide as Confessor Cervanta searched the place for the head Boullini officers, milf money and Arthur Edridge, and to not raise any violence with this many ruling members around.

They went to the emergency cult discussion centre where a bunch of cults were meant to meet but came to it ablaze and with faith enforcers who killed many different cult leaders. They however saved 4, including Cicero (Imbris Yumen), Xeno (God of Destination,) Caren (god of truth). They decided to help Caren at the mirage district after they both asked help, with the mirage district being led by someone who wasn’t in favour of Rabernica.

They planned a way to rally the people, bring down the gates and to free officials in the control quarters there. Ko’viel set the fireworks, Avon made a guard strip in front of some prisoners, Gar and Bruce landed one on top of the other and Arthur ran to combat. Gar and Bruce had a successful diplomatic mission with an old priest who wanted a peaceful outcome but ended up hacking him and punching him to death as he was dragged along.

After winning over the district, Miranda declared that Boullini was everyone’s on a podium no matter what religion. At this moment a whizzing blade shaped like the windmill came for her head but Avon got her to duck and she lived. Confessor Cervanta came in with 6 prisoners, with one of them being juniper. A fight incurred, as the prisoners started to be executed, Ko’viel braced himself over Juniper but rolling a nat 20, Juniper hit the gun from the nobility agent executing into the head of Confessor Cervanta and blew off the head.

Juniper reinforced for them the drama that was going to occur in the Scatter heights district as she said she overhead them say that after protecting milf money mansion. The gang was originally going there at the end of the day to check up on the cult of the hydra calling for an Armageddon to happen in the cit. As they go to the scatter heights district at night, they saw bodies from cultists to cultists and faith enforcers as Natalthia flew overhead quickly to a location. Peering through the mist, Robart Frostfang was there, warning them of what dangers and to extract the hydra leader. At the edge of this magically induced mist, they saw Raberncia talk to the woman, who had two heads, Illiya and Sherelia Jattel.

After declaring that Boullini was for all forever one of her heads turned to face the mist as a portal like energy emerged with 6 gargantuan serpentine hydra heads popping out, declaring the soul of the world had returned.

Session 26 - Let Us Pray
The Gang Keeps a Terrorist in their Basement

Previously on Milf$:

In the aftermath of the elemental  prodigy girl Hala’s explosion where she lost both of her legs, Bruce gave the girl all she needed to remain stable. Bruce took it upon himself to do as much damage to whoever did this, as he found out their location from Hendrick. While at the warehouse, he saw Garth from the former Scythe branch of the new frontier leave the building, and went in. in his initial run, he did not manage to kill any of the mages but after knocking him out, Bruce entered a zen mode where slowly his natural elemental instincts drove him to escape. This caused the members of the new frontier Lionares group to halt whatever they were planning and focus their attention on maintain Bruce from leaving the base.

After receiving news of Bruce’s possible trouble, the group went with Hendrick to free him from a warehouse in the magic district. On the way Garth and hendrick who knew eachother met and Garth help infiltrate the place. They found Bruce fighting his way out in his zen mode, and Ko’viel came face to face with Thomar. After killing the mages, one of the guards set off the bomb which gave the group a minute to decide what to do with Thomar. They decided to take them as the warehouse exploded into an arcane bomb.

They kept the terrorist in their basement before contacting Kapri and then Kiana on holding the prisoner. Kiana revealed that Thomar and other new frontier people caught are in a magical holding cell somewhere in the control district. Delilah caught the attention of Ko’viel when leaving and told him to warn Gar of the trouble that will occur as the rests plan an audience in Boullini. Bruce also asked about his place in this situation and she told him that he will also need to answer.  Kapri visited the milf money mansion to give information.

Milf had a meeting with cults led by Cicero who discussed various ways to bring down Rabernica, these included diplomacy, assassination, contacting the head church, using Gek Rumani or the Cimbrics and various other ideas. Anxiety increased in the room as there was no clear answer but Breadgar was determined to act as a double agent.

Each day leading to the general assembly called by Kapri fillhorn, Sevran Ironfang put through different legislations to impose Illiams prominence and diminish the power of any other cult or religion.  On one of these days, the fey hunter known as Callen requested help hunting a powerful fey. After finding a pixie disguised as a Goliath Arena spectator, a satyr in a seedy tavern and asking Brandle for information, it was revealed after he said words in sylvan, that he figured out Avon was the powerful fey he was after.

Rabernica asked to see milf money, and on the way they saw a man from the cult meeting from Silent Whispers be flogged through the streets by Sister Serra. Rabernica confessed he is weak willed and is vulnerable, asking the group to pray with him. Only Breadgar and Ko’viel did, though poorly.

On the day of the general assembly, tensions were high and they got to the general assembly, Rabernica was there already and took stage, with his faith enforcers disallowing entrance. Sevran Ironfang declared that illiam was the only religion to be worshiped and everything else was illegal and that the military would essentially be converted to agents of faith along with all other sectors of government as Natalthia came from the sky. Kapri Fillhorn shook her head and declared she was staging a coup.

The group had too choose between Kapri and Rabernica, and of course, they choose Kapri. Breadgar however, faltered attempting to act as a double agent, which Kapri revealed to Rabernica so Breadgar wouldn’t be deemed as a public enemy and so he would work for her. However, Breadgar found there was an invasion over the faith occurring in some members of milf money. Wilfully, he sacrificed his own agency to Rabernica as he was the only one wanted.

Milf now stand with the military against Rabernica, the Angel Natalthia, and their friend, Breadgar.

Session 25 - No Harvest Without a Farmer
Phenrir and Drukkor: A Family Feud Mess

Previously Milf$:

After returning home, about a week went by with no word from Bruce, and the gang got worried so they attempted to contact him but he only responded with “to ashes with the new frontier.” Through this week, they were in contact with Twain who met someone who offered a heavily discounted renovation to Milf Money Mansion. They decided on a training room in the end.

They also went with Twain to the medical district where he was attempting to find his family. They went through the sewer and found Katherine, a recruiter of the cult of ingress the thieves guild cult who toyed with them a bit before leaving. Later they stumbled across a giant rat that Avon attempted to make friends with before it ran away, and half its body was thrown back into their eye sight. This was just before a seven armed monstrosity peered through, a stitched amalgamation of  body parts, which one of them had a trinket belonging to someone Twain knew. He asked the group after slaying it to investigate later.

Carl kept asking how everyone’s day were.

They went to the Trial of Ruman Talhini where they testified, specifically Drukkor and Breadgar. While Drukkor answered harmlessly, Breadgar answers evoked intrigue amongst the court room, specifically pertaining to what had happened with the tieflings. Lady Sheryl was there for the decision making process where Ruman Talhini was sentenced to 400 years of jail in Boullini or his death, whichever came first.

On their outing after the trail, they came across a crowd forming around them, with a rose being dedicated to the group. A woman came to the front of the crowd and asked to talk to milf Money on the side of the street. They agreed and the woman revealed herself to Phenrir as Sarah Ziris from her home and warned of an imminent threat. However, during this conversation The Cimbric Clan took this opportunity to demonstrate to the group their worthiness, specifically to Drukkor. As they burned Sarah alive, archers came from the roof and attempted to exact revenge, giving Phenrir a token of advice after the cambric ran.

A few days later they left with Rabernica to the Atyheism combine, where they were to get Breadgars forgiveness from the Atherism combine. A formal assembly was initiated by Calli Ire and Rabernica honoured their apology, but it was overall futile to what he had planned for the Atheism Combine. He ordered faith enforcers to bar the doors, the Insight Michael to bash over the head Calli Ire’s assistant and Natalthia to scorch the building with holy fire as he prepared to ‘save’ the souls through a radiant beam of light. After it ended the massacre, Calli Ire started at Breadgar mournfully as the Angel Natalthia swooped in and cut her down.

As the faith of Illiam left, they met Kapri Fillhorn who became filled with rage and requested you all join her for her general assembly in a weeks’ time. She vowed vengeance and asked for Milf money to be by her side when everything hits the fan. Hendrick arrived at milf money mansion and talked with the group, admitting that he had been there when Ko’viels home town was destroyed. But he also asked for help, saying Bruce may have got himself into a terrible situation.

Session 24 -- The Exorcism of Ruman Talhini
40ft Carriage Magic in the Air

Previously on Milf$:

The Gangs carriage was set alight and the group mobilised to defeat the tiefling alliance and protect the carriage and protect Ruman Talhini. They eventually ended up killing a tiefling, revealing it to be a dwarf instead actually. They became drained of resources and managed to kill all of the tieflings but one of them. The tieflings also had a gnoll fight for them for an unkown reason.

The road back was quiet and they met upon Lt. Everan who they previously met in the mining district and offered an escort back. For some reason unknown to the DM or the rest of milf money, on the way back Breadgar sat atop of the carriage used as an escort and was attempted to be killed by a member of the Atheism Combine, as they shouted in humour of their guild. There, he remained paralysed until The Insight Michael was able to relieve him, but in this healing process, bickering emerged between him and Speech Bubble and Kiana Kalesbane had to pull them apart, declaring there was bigger issues to settle. Rabernica requested they meet him in a week to talk with the atheism combine.

As the exorcism began, Talhini was begging for dear life and Prospera and Kapri talked amongst each other as they planned to go into Hell to free the souls of the damned, and offered milf money a chance to help them. They went back and the souls of the fallen were sent up, such as Lt. Jenni. They also rescued a still living Brandle who was being tortured, who was the librarian and the person who went to infiltrate Zartare. This hell excursion resulted in the near death of Ko’viel and the gang quickly finished things up in there.

With that, the epilogue to Arc 1 ended.

However, shortly after Bruce left the group for a walk, that lasted a while as he came across Hendrick student who waved peacefully and Bruce until a series of explosions ruptured underneath her and a member of the new frontier, Thomar (who is Joels old friend) to disappear within a portal. Bruce quickly rushed to help the girl, who had now lost both of her legs.

Session 23 - The Old Way
Where in the World is Ruman Talhini?

Previously on Milf$:

Milf money were asked by Justinian Fare to retrieve Ruman Talhini in Old Way. The gang choose to see him over Sevran Ironfang and he told Milf money to tell Ruman Talhini that he betrayed his city and his friend.

While on the road to Oldway, they came across members of a farming group who gave Avon some fertiliser. They also found some found an injured triceratops as alerted by the military and managed to evade a big game hunter with Avon sending the triceratops away.

After a week they found the township of Old Way and entered into the Tavern where they met a woman asking for her child Sophia who had went missing in the Banshee Drain. The gang quickly figured out why it was called the banshee drain and they went into the ruined part of town and found a Banshee and the girl. After defeating the banshee, they found out from the girl and another girl named Anabelle of what’s been happening in the town, and that after a man came, everything changed.

With that, they staged a mission to enter The Seat by cloaking invisibility and following the man, the man returned one of the girls to their mother and the other one, they headed towards the seat. Through a series of scuffles, they all managed to get within the building, and saw hints of Ruman Talhini throughout, even as they managed to go through the gardens. They heard through a communication device that Ruman talhini was with his sister at that night.

They then decided to go to his Estate and planned to lockdown the fort with his sister inside. After aw while, the Lady Victoria and tried to claim the woman but she did not want to go. There they waited and waited and one of them left to find out more information and found Lady Sheryl who is someone, like the two children were, unaffected by Ruman Talhini as she was guarding the forest. She assisted the group through getting into The Seat through a secret way. Gar jumped down with the modron blow dart and put Ruman Talhini to sleep.

After emerging from her state, Lady Victoria sentenced Ruman Talhini to death through her executioner. Milf Money wiggled their way out of death by managing to get her to stop, and the whole team left the city with Ruman Talhini in cuffs.

On the road back, they were met by The New Frontier seeking to use Ruman Talhini and let the main man, Garth a psionic ninja esque leader to live as he had no strong affiliation with the new frontier and said he would give the group information if he found any. Furhter on the road the encountered Misdreekus who attempted one last rescue attempt on her own to bring back Ruman Talhini and partially to exact revenge on Drukkor. They failed, and the day after The Seat caught up with them and Lady Victoria and Lady Sherly came to an agreement that Ruman Talhini could go to Boullini with Lady Sheryl under the supervision of the trial and that Oldway must have a say.

On the last day of the rest, they reached the out post in the east and stationed there for the night, but during the night the taxman interrupted them and asked for Talhini back, with the whole platoon basically dead. Midspeech, the Taxman was killed by an arrow through his throat and coming forward was the Tiefling Alliance, pulling the strings of the Taxman. There they planned to end Milf Money and bring Talhinis head.

Session 22 - Saviours of Boullini
The Gang Pigs Out

Previously on Milf $:

With Balore defeated, the group were hailed the saviours of Boullini and offered in a months’ time to come to the festival.

During that month time, Breadgar started to employ some tactics  from Skimberiis Breadgars Baking company and emparted it to his mother who agreed to take the advice. His father Augstus bought a receipe off an Elf and Breadgar attended Polus Rufs birthday. Avon continued to share storie about the feywild with children and one elf child with a distorted home life approached him about going there. Avon assited the willing child in the Garden of Eternity in the Giaza district, where a man, presumably her father saw. This resulted in Avon giving the man his knife, making him kill himself

Ko’viel took time helping the people recover of the Giaza district. He was approached by someone from the Ilthun guild who suggested recruitment amongst their ranks due to their victories. He was also approached by a courier with a message from an old friend. Gar took refuge in the Gruultang oasis sheltering and trying to foster Bearmy there. The realisation of Bearmy stunted development was greatly revealed here. He was approached by Delilah alerting him of the Rests and their growing anger.

Phenrir took time to explore the city and attempted to get a lay of the land in this brand new city. She was approached by the Taxman without any facial coverings and asked to remind everyone that he wanted Ruman Talhini. She also encountered an obnoxious kid who said Zataris sends their regards. Drukkor attempted to discover more about his shadowfell powers in the Amerea university. He trained a little bit and got to know a lecturer and attempt to find out more information about what would happen if someone visited the plane. During this time, he put down a fatigued dragonborn who said “we found the cimbric”.

During this whole time, Bruce was locked in a deep meditation in preparation to go to the norther arena district which he sorely missed out on when he found out the festival was literally the day after. However, in his trance he messed up a bit of the garden and saw a vision of eyes enclosing in around him.

On the day after he woke, there was a festival starting off with a ceremony honouring the dead and the saviours of Boullini. The gang participated in activities ranging from tarot readings, drinking, guild invitations and a short lived pig chase. The gang witnessed Rabernica proclaiming the new boullinian order of the faith of Illiam evening going as far as destroying a stall of the Atheism Combine, which Calli Ire congragulated you all upon.

Sevran Ironfang took the group to a meeting hall with members of the Boullinian leadership and Justinian Fare who presented the opportunity to join the Illiam League which they were starting up. The first task was to find Ruman Talhini. Lenina was presented by Rabernica as he marched in with his holy choir, saying that they should have a place in this new upcoming organisation.
Afterwards, the group agreed and the taxman approached them after the meeting, with the body of a xenophobic golbin outlined by coins by his side. He asked for Ruman Talhini as he suggested the group wasn’t busy anymore. The group now has a day to prepare before heading off with Justinian or Sevrans blessing to find Ruman Talhini.

Session 21 - The Cold Tyrant
The Gang trusts the Cat known for tricking People

Previously on Milf$:

Baalore launched his final attacked and kept the military in a stasis, leading an attack on the control district building with the last three of his lieutenants. Hendrick gave Speech bubble the choice of protecting Kiana or going along with them. This was to go to the Pegasus room where Zartare was attempting to kill it. However, Milf was able to stop them and escort the Pegasus. Avon got a pet ice devil.

When they brought back the Pegasus, Breadgar was forced into confrontation with a member of the cult of Rakdorn, who Jessbelle was apart of, and had to convince him that killing Sevran would be fruitless.  The pet ice devil got destroyed. The cult member  informed you he was to meet Am’rafukula, and you all decided that finding the am rafukula was the best option. He also had the support of Misdreekus.

In dwarven mines, you met him and he gave you the option of going along with him, as he himself never intended to go to invade the material plane and wished to stay wit hthe politics of the lower planes. However, it seemed there was more a foot as Milf money did not trust him, and there was a giant creature known as ‘The Fiend’ which attempted to attack them while they passed a bridge gap, almost resulting in the falling of half of milf money.

They then entered a part of the citadel of the 8th lower plane of hell through a portal underground which originally was going to be used to blow and distrup the earth with Cania Ice. There, Baalore in his devilish and humanish mockery form came down from a conflux of ice and made the party an offer: one of them die and the rest serve in his new dominon, or they all die and Boullini is consumed regardless.

Milf money decided to stan the ground as Am’rafukula reminded them to “follow his lead” as he attacked Balore. Zartare continued with the assault seeing everything become a disjointed. Drukkor attempted to convince misdreekus to let go of the portal and she did.  Following this, Baalore started to go closer to them with rafukula attempting to escape with them as well.

After a series of harsh breezes, saving Malvodo from a self-sacrifice, and Gar eviscerating Am’rafukula, they escaped through one of misdreekus portals behind that portal and they were at the entrance of this control disctict. They saw the paralysis of this dark energy surrounding all the guards, with Kapri Fillhorn breaking out if it momentarily. An Erinyes flew from the portal, the same one you all encountered at spritiuality district the first time. However, in its display Artemis returned and killed it, throwing its body back into Cania, and Juniper tagged along dishing out potions. Coming out of the portal was Balore transforming into a large horrid beast ready to let loose.

Milf money defended the entrance to the building and then the doors, reminding them all of the Shel’bo fight. After a series of scuffles including Kapri fillhorns domination, Breadgar and his suicidal tendency,  Drukkor and his forced backstab of Ko’viel, Gar and his magic bean and finally, Avon and his ethereal potion – which he splashed onto Baalore – Milf Money saved Boullini and were dubbed the Saviours of Boullini by Justinian Fare, leader of Justice in Boullini.


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