Chapter 1 - To Be Remembered

What does it mean to be remembered? A legacy of kinship? Making friends who will remember your name here and there? Living up to prophecy? On the contrast, what does it mean to be forgotten? Perhaps getting lost in the woods for eternity? Or losing all that grounded you to this world? Kapri Fillhorn’s life has explored this question.

A band of gnolls of about three dozen yelp in feral screams as they charge towards the Halfling woman. Kapri Fillhorn stares directly into their eyes glazed with chaos shining through the madness of this long night. A stomp follows behind her that quakes the ground and blows up the sand of the cool desert. The dinosaur bellows a massive roar before they precede together, the Warhammer gripped tight like a prayer. Her charge, her Halfling spirit, and her confidence by the side of her T-Rex Nibbles inspires those of her platoon waiting in the back to pick up their swords and to deal with the gnoll war band.

Alexander Reva, protégé of Fillhorn is the first to follow her into the fray, charging forward in a relentless attack. Alexander felt awe in Fillhorn’s presence. These Gnolls were stopping Boullini for almost half a decade’s worth of expansion. Kapri put herself ahead. She was not in the back commanding without having to face the terrible screeches. She was instead here, swinging her hammer and turning the gnolls into bloody pulps so Boullini could grow, like she had done her whole life.

When she arrives back into the city walls, not even a second seems to go by without another battle springing up.

“Did ya hear about Talhini’s Muts?” Braldian Ovverin asked her as she stormed in to grab a piece of fruit.

“Not for the mood of political gossip, Ovverin.” Kapri ended.

“I tell ya, all this mistrust he’s creating… I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, someone did kill him.”

 It was not long before the battle flags started up again. The whispers flanked her in the halls as she walked by. Eyes poked at her and her armour was already exposed. But she wasn’t concerned about the words, what some overweight Dwarf thought or some middle aged half elf scared about how writers would depict him. Kapri’s eyes instead turned to the silent Giaza district.

Immediately stepping into the district, she felt uneasy. The air here was thicker and polluted with a swirl of red energy. In the middle of the district where the market place is, a swirling portal with two horns radiated.

“Should we make a statement about what we’ve found here?” Alexander asked.

“After we deal with whatever the hell this is…” Kapri answered.

“But if you announce this, people will stop talking about you being apart of Ruman Talhinis…” As soon as the name was said charging through the portal was a large creature on all four, three hound like heads running towards Kapri. Each head barked something chaotic and more sinful than the other. Thought it spoke foreign language to her, she felt every word resonate with her. Biting back against the words, she jumped up and crashed her Warhammer down into the hound’s spine, disabling it

“We fix whatever this is.” She declared. “Before Ruman Talhini gets the chance to fuck this up.”

Chapter 1 - To Be Remembered

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