Chapter 2 - In the City

On the prowl, both through the day and night, there is nowhere In The City of Boullini that is free from scandal and crime. Dandrice Briars knows this city life all too well. The city is the result of a love affair between expansion and sustenance. It is the bastard of order and dissonance. This is no place for his daughter.

Coming from the Spirituality Leader’s hand was a black shadow that consumed the eyes of the Half-Orc. My pleas did little to this group of what I could only assume where marauders and mercenaries at this point. This very same group robbed me of my chance to see my daughter. I vow vengeance on them and their allies for what they stole from me.

After the stonewall emerged from the ground, and they chased Ruman Talhini, my chance to escape presented itself as the spell bombardment shook the jailor and his keys towards me. I darted out of there, but did not leave the sight of these people. I took to the streets, cloaked watching them slowly and slowly. A growing vendetta grew against otherworldly Half-Elf as I studied his enchantments.  From a recovering vendor in the Giaza district, I stole a ring protecting me from such magic, so when the time came I wouldn’t be so easily swayed. Like the last time, how I lost the chance to see my daughter sooner.

Pursuing a quarry in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike and steal, it had been a long while since I had dabbled in this thievery. But I had to return. For her. She was lost somewhere, to the Cult of Imbris Yumen. And that Half-Elf told me they knew where she was and she was ‘safe’. Perhaps  by chance they, would meet again and then I could swoop in.

On the bridge of the Scatter Heights district, I watched as the widely known Breadgar threw a dagger into the back of a Halfling woman who pickpocketed him. The Halfling Mafia did not believe the woman that a noble, or one such as Breadgar, did that to her. I vouched to them, as I had performed a job for them in an earlier life which involved the death of a certain Yorick Terry, the life I had before my daughter.

And I had her. For 9 years it was me protecting her, the way her mother would never have been able to. I tried to be an honest man, in the eastern mines I worked tirelessly. Though tempted to return to the life of thievery, my daughters pale eyes anchored me to the ground and keeping to the mines underneath. And then Aristen Fern took her, because of a hunch, because she was the legacy of the Briars.

I demanded that the urchin half-elf tell me where the building of Imbris Yumen was. With his vague finger, I found it. On the full moon, Breadgar, Fern and the Halfling Mafia met. I saw the other blue scaled Dragonborn hiding atop the roof, and found a chance at revenge. But hesitance got the better of me as I went to push him. What would she think of me? Me, her father, the former legend theif, the former fabeled murderer… who was I to her? I saw Aristarn Fern transform into the bestial rage of a wolf with the size of a giant, and my chance opened up.

I ran faster than I ever thought possible for a Halfling. In the distance of the full moonlight, using stolen satchel charges from the mines, I blew off the doors of the warehouse. 5 gargoyles animated as I came through, my dagger slaying three of them, and two retained their solid appearance. I found my daughter, in her own room though the door was locked. Her eyes and mouth gleamed with awe when she saw me, but her clothes were ragged and torn, though she did not seem harmed.

In that moment, holding my daughter and in our steps through the underground sewers to get out of this wretched city undetected, nothing else mattered. I had forgotten the tribulations of Boullini. My shameful life dedicated to the thieves guild of Ingriss, the circumstances that led to my daughter being taken by Imbris Yumen, and how Milf Money countered and teased my efforts. I could not care less when we rode on a pony in the middle of the cold desert. As I removed the hood she was wearing with inscriptions of the moon, I saw her eyes become glazed with rage.

Chapter 2 - In the City

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