In the History of Illiam's continent, there have been events which have shaped the very structures which have controlled Illiam and societys in it. These events are both occurring as the party travels (The Vellin Accord), perhaps even as a result of the party on a smaller or similar scale. Some events are embeded into the historic lore of Illiam (The Dominion of Erinyade Moras) whilst some are shrouded in disbelief, yet many believe to be true (The Summer Kidnap).



Brief Timeline:

Prior to Human Settlement (P.H.S)

After Erinyade Moras (A.E.M )

P.H.S History

5000 PHS Last Drow sighthing

5000 – 4000 PHS Elven Summer and Winter Wars, (1000-2000

3000 PHS Fall of Giants

1800 PHS First Human contact

1478 PHS First human Settlement, Ericsgrove town initiated Age of Invasion

1263 PHS Boullini Settlement by humans

741 PHS Illiam established as dominant religion

711 PHS Stoneregard Calamity

600 – 500 PHS The Summer Kidnap

543 – 399 The Collective Repel of Ericsa and the humans

500 PHS Awakening of Erinyade Moras

450 PHS Eringuard Established

400 PHS Human Freedom Fighters

320 PHS The formation of the Rests

221 PHS The Blood Queen’s rule

150 PHS Erinyade Moras Emergence

1 PHS defeat of Erinyade Moras

A.E.M History

12 AEM Calendar restructured by the New Sykmov Harvest rotation

111 Skimberi invasion of Balore

116 Skimberi Magic Ban imposed

331 Drenovia Reassembly

460 AEM Ni’ec Conspiracy (which sought to overthrow most nearby governments except Skimberi

500 – 700 The Dolos Shanty (series of pirate sieges that started at towns and cities agaisnt the west coast of Illiam, starting with Canala)

421 – 429 The Passage Wars (Tyreill and Vellin vs Brobdinal)

634 AEM Boullini Divide

695 Caplan Independence from Archul gained

750 -753 The Gold Wars (Archul Vs Caplan)

750 – Formation of the New Frontier According to Alluris

753 First recorded New Frontier Attack

775 Vellin Incident

776 The Vellin Accord formation

777 Start of current campaign and the Balore Invasion

778 Rabernica's take over of Boullini

779 The New Frontier attack on at the Amerea University 

781 Milf Money Return

782 Tulamire's takeover of Boullini.


Historically defining, non-player Events:

The Fall of the Giants

Age of Invasion

The Collective Repel of Ericsa and Humans

The Dominion of Erinyade Moras

The Vellin Accord


Player Affected Events:

The Ordination of Sevran Ironfang

The Battle for Skimberi (New Frontier)


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