In Memoriam

For those we've lost:

- Lenina Hellon Killed by an Imp in Ruman Talhini's Office

- Aunty Agatha Killed by a combination of Milf$'s Efforts led by Gar

- Clarence Gambito Killed by a Feral and uncontrolled Aristarn Fern

- Morris Hart Killed by Ignatia and in the collateral damage of Cerisbla

- Ignatia, The Blue Curtain Killed by a combination of efforts of Milf Money

- Oldman of Lewgale (Aaron) Died on the road to Skimberii

- She'lbo Kalesbane Killed by her mother in Stoneregard

- Porgi Herbert Killed by a rouge fireball from The New Frontier

- Artemis' Intelligence

- Yethrall Killed by an ultimate collaboration of Milf Money's ability initiated by Avon


In Memoriam

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